Efoil lesson? Do it!

Whether you are an experienced surfer or have never stood on a board before makes no difference. An eFoil lesson is accessible to everyone and fun for everyone. eFoiling is a new, very fast growing form of surfing. With a remote control you control via a Bluetooth connection the surfboard that is driven by a propeller. The propeller hangs from the bottom of a mast, or foil. At the right speed and weight shift, the foil emerges from the water like a periscope. Because of the reduced resistance, you can fly above the water at speeds up to 30km/h. A very free and futuristic feeling. And the nice thing about efoiling is that it is a lot easier than it looks!

efoil lesson with Titus Vriend

Why an efoil lesson is needed.

If efoiling is so easy to learn, why is an efoil lesson necessary? It is very nice to get instructions the first few times and to learn how the material works. In an hour, with guidance, you can go a long way; but often actually getting out of the water is just a step too far. Experienced surfers and kitesurfers often manage within an hour. That’s why it’s just as fun for them to take a lesson. They definitely have to work for it but the feeling of efoiling is attainable for them within an hour. After that, it remains to practice, for example, turning tight turns and efoilen at full speed. Less experienced people can usually stand up within half an hour. This is already a very nice experience, since you still surf over the water at a decent speed. That the efoiling is not successful is not a problem at all. Most people can do it within three lessons!

Efoil lesson in the Netherlands.

Flying Fish is the largest efoil platform in Europe. Both in terms of efoil sales and schools. This year Flying Fish is available in several locations in the Netherlands including Amsterdam and Rotterdam. E-foiling is not only fun to do with a few friends, with your family or by yourself; it is an activity that you can certainly come up with for company outings, family days and other festive get-togethers. Highly recommended for the beautiful days that are coming up again!

Titus Vriend

Titus Vriend

Manager eFoil school

eFoil lesson locations

To give you the best eFoil experience from your very first session, Flying Fish is partnering with watersports centres around Europe to offer eFoil lessons. In the Netherlands we have several locations Nieuwe Meer, Ijburg, Groningen etc.

Title Address Description
Nieuwe Meer
Nieuwe Meer, Amsterdam, Nederland

Amsterdam, de Nieuwe Meer

Tjotterspad 26
1081 KD Amsterdam

Boek nu

De Bloemert
De Bloemert, 9475 TG Midlaren, Nederland

Midlaren (Drenthe), de Bloemert (opening soon)

de Bloemert 1
19475TG, Midlaren

Geestmerambacht (beheerkantoor), Klaregroetweg 1, 1723 PW Noord-Scharwoude, Nederland

Alkmaar,  Geestmerambacht (opening soon)

De Zes Geerzen (Parkeerplaats)
1831GD Koedijk Alkmaar

Texel, Nederland

Coming soon!

1231 Loosdrecht, Nederland

Coming soon!

IJburg, 1087 JB Amsterdam, Nederland

Amsterdam, Ijburg 

Wim Noordhoekkade 648
1087NJ Amsterdam IJburg

Efoil Amsterdam Ijburg

Boek nu

Rijnhaven, 3072 Rotterdam, Nederland

Coming soon!

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