Discover the feeling of flying!


Waydoo Flyer eFoil

Efoiling is the newest hype for everyone who ever dreamt to fly above water. Flying Fish is dedicated to innovation in both technology and performance. Ride towards an incredible experience and discover the feeling of flying!

SIPA Boards

SipaBoards are designed to offer an all-round enhanced SUP experience. With a built in Paddle Assist module, you will paddle faster, ride further and get there and back again safer. Conquer new shores, beat the tides, paddle up-wind or up-stream and explore more.

Experience the ultimate

form of freedom

Disover the feeling 


eFoiling is the watersports sensation of the moment. Flying Fish offer different types of lessons. At Flying Fish we offer the option of a private eFoil lesson, this can be 1 on 1 or together with a friend. We also offer group lessons and other experiences depending on local conditions and possibilities for maximum fun!


eFoiling is perfect for an active and relaxing afternoon on the water with your colleagues. Get out on the water, learn something new and enjoy the sun and the open air. The nice thing is that there is a steep learning curve for everyone. Fun guaranteed and it is certainly something else than bowling or laser tag.

Martijn on an eFoil

State of the art design

Robust Energy Source, Long Endurance

Easy to Operate and to master

Wireless Remote Control


The Flying Fish efoils are designed by a team of hydrofoil experts and electrical engineers. The board is modularly designed. Core components as the motor, battery and hydrofoil can be quickly disassembled.



The battery features an intelligent charge and discharge system with a riding time of over 75 minutes. It takes 2 hours to charge the battery.



The board has 5 speed options to meet both the needs of rookies as athletes. It can go as fast as 33km/h.


Remote control

The board is controlled by a waterproof wireless remote control. The remote control communicates with the board via Bluetooth.