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Waydoo is a company that invests and manufactures intelligence hardware for water sports enthusiasts.   Waydoo’s R&D team has gained a strong and mature technology capacity, which ensures the quality and practicability of its water sports products. 

SipaBoards are designed to offer an all-round enhanced SUP experience. With a built in Paddle Assist module, you will paddle faster, ride further and get there and back again safer. Conquer new shores, beat the tides, paddle up-wind or up-stream and explore more.

Sailing School het Nieuwe Meer is located in Amsterdam in the middle of the Sportas. Located on the Nieuwe Meer which is surrounded by the Amsterdam Forest and the South of Amsterdam. What makes it a unique place on the edge of the city. Sailing school het Nieuwe Meer is a small and therefore very personal sailing school with a passion for water sports.