After-sales Service Plan

1. When contacting Waydoo, explain in detail the problem with the product.
2. Waydoo’s technical support staff will try to diagnose and solve your problem by phone, email, or remote assistance.
3. If you still cannot solve your problem, send the product to Waydoo for further testing. Waydoo will arrange services for you according to the corresponding warranty service type of the product.

Non-after-sales Coverage

1). Damage caused by transportation or loading and unloading during the return, exchange, and repair. 2). Any unauthorized modification, disassembly, opening, and repair without official authorization. 3). Battery damage caused by any accidental factors or human factors, such as obvious hard object damage, cracks, severe deforma- tion, broken power cord, disconnection, etc. 4). Product failure or damage caused by installation, use, mainte- nance, and storage not in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual. 5). Damage due to circuit modification, battery pack modification, or using unmatched chargers guided by unofficial instructions. 6). Damage caused by using outside the safe load range of the product. 7). Damage caused by forced use of the product when the parts are damaged. 8). Damage caused by using batteries with quality problems. 9). The product or component has the identification label changed or removed. 10). Failure or damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.). 11). Products or parts that have exceeded the warranty period.


 Epp Board 1 year
Mast & Power Assembly 1 year
Main Wing & Tail wing

1 year

PowerFlight Cell 1 year or less than 300 cycles
Jet One Controller 1 year
Fast Charger 1 year