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Waydoo FLYER ONE electric hydrofoil allows you to literally fly over any body of water at up to 22mph (ca. 35 km/h). It’s fast, quiet, and emission-free. With a 24-speed adjustable power, and depending on your skill level and ride type, the FLYER ONE series can be used in a variety of ways, be it for carving or cruising.



Flying Fish eFoils is the exclusive European distributor, for Waydoo eFoils. We have helped over 500 customers buy an eFoil over the entirety of Europe.

Waydoo’s eFoils are the most accessible in the world. They are designed to be used by both beginners and experienced eFoilers. The design of the Waydoo FLYER ONE ensures that you can already fly at relatively low speeds by means of a light board in combination with a large wing.


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Why buy a Waydoo eFoil?

Established in 2018 in Shenzhen, widely considered China’s Silicon Valley, Waydoo is a tech company that focuses on developing, manufacturing, and marketing intelligent water sports hardware. Initially started as a passion project by Dennis Zhu, the founder of TXA, one of China’s leading producers of agricultural UAVs now partially owned by DJI, Waydoo has been on the track of rapid expansion since its inauguration.

Thanks to the solid technological foundations laid down by TXA in structural design, hydromechanics, electrical engineering, industrial design, and manufacturing, our R&D team was able to launch our first ever eFoil surfboard—the Waydoo Flyer – in 2019, less than one year into the company’s existence.




The Waydoo app

The Waydoo App keeps track of all your gliding and riding performance on iOS and Android devices, allowing you to view key information related to battery and connection status.


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Our boards & bundels:


Get to know the most accessible eFoil on the market. You can choose between the carbon en EPP-model.  

You get the battery, controller, travel bag en more in one convenient bundle. 

  • 1 EPP board
  • 1 PowerFlight cell battery
  • 1 power assembly unit (25.6″ mast with the propulsion system)
  • 1 Explorer front wing
  • 1 rear wing
  • 1 fast charger
  • 1 Jet ONE hand controller
  • 1 wheeled travel bag
  • 1 tool and accessory kit



The Wings

We are offering two types of front wings. Both of them are finely tuned to suit beginners and skilled eFoilers. The Explorer wing has a larger wing area, so the wing load is smaller, allowing you to take off easily at a lower speed while providing good stability. The Patroller wing has a smaller wing area, making it ideal for advanced riders who are seeking a more aggressive ride style.



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The Flyer Pod

A supportive inflatable accessory that transforms a rider’s experience by offering increased stability and lowering the chance of falling into the water. 

  • Weight: 4KG (8.82LBS)

 The optional accessory Flyer Pod, provides extra stability for beginners.

Easily ride the Waydoo Flyer ONE in no time!





Outboard converter

With an outboard motor converter, Waydoo Flyer ONE can be used as an electric rear propulsion motor for a small boat. 

  • Weight: 5KG (11LBS)



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2 Year Guarantee

If something were to happen to your board, we offer 2 years guarantee.

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