Flying Fish is an innovative and successful scale-up, engaging in a new
and super exciting outdoor sport: efoiling. Being based in Amsterdam,
Flying Fish is able to serve customers all over Europe within 5 days.


We have the ambition to introduce the world to the beauty of efoiling. Efoiling has huge potential and will become very popular in the watersport business. The mission of Flying Fish is to make efoiling accessible for everybody throughout Europe by selling and leasing top of the class eFoil boards. Flying Fish is selling their high quality boards to consumers, surf schools, outdoor centres and hotels / resorts.

Why Flying Fish?

Having an established network of suppliers and a large distribution network in Europe, Flying Fish is able to offer its supreme quality eFoil boards for the best prices available in the market. Besides, it delivers a seamless aftersales service that you would expect from a high performance organization.

Best prices in the market

High quality boards

Seamless after service

Our Team

Jochem Koning

Jochem Koning

General Manager

10 years a fanatic surfer! With a lot of enthusiasm and perseverance dabbling weekly in the North Sea and every two years to Portugal and spain. Immediately sold when he saw an eFoil and decided to quickly start importing and selling eFoils in the Netherlands to share his passion. Entrepreneurship is in my genes and it is a dream to set up a new company with my two friends and thus a new sport in the Netherlands.

Martijn van Hoek

Martijn van Hoek

Sales Director

“Your future is on the water!” Said his gym teacher when he joined the Friesland sailing camp when he was 15 years old. Later he followed an internship in Australia with a windsurf shaper and he also started kiting. He did an internship in Chile and an exchange in Spain and he always combined the obligatory with the pleasant: surfing! Martijn is a serial entrepreneur, speaks his languages and is one of the best foil surfers in the Netherlands. A perfect addition for the team!

Titus Vriend

Titus Vriend

Manager eFoil School

While traveling abroad Titus discovered the beaty of surfing. Home in Amsterdam he discovered surfing not only meant committing yourself to a craft, but also presented a way to learn and pass down important lessons in life. Soon enough, Titus knew what he wanted: a job that combined surfing, going on adventures and connecting with people. While the adventure of setting up an eFoiling-school was an unplanned one, it has also been a most welcome surprise. As the manager and head instructor of the Flying Fish eFoil School, Titus is looking forward to get you in the water and start foiling!

Carreer opportunities

Send an e-mail to: careers@flyingfishfoils.eu