An eFoil clinic at Flying Fish   — Flying Fish 26/04/2022



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 The eFoiling summer is coming!

The weather is improving, so, naturally, many people are heading toward the water. We offer the water sports sensation of the moment: an eFoil clinic!

During an eFoil clinic, you will learn to experience the magic of eFoiling. Efoiling may seem difficult at first, but it is surprisingly easy. It is very accessible, and almost anyone can do it within the hour. An eFoil lesson is an ideal activity for you, your friends, family, or colleagues to have lots of fun. 

The biggest bonus? You get to know a new skill in the process!

How does this training work?

We at Flying Fish eFoils have recently added a 3-week eFoil group training. After this training, you will be a pro eFoiler. 

The first lesson will serve as an introduction to the board and your first attempts to stand. You learn to get up and stay upright. This lesson also acts as a theory lesson. You receive a detailed explanation of the best eFoil techniques, information about the material, the possible dangers and how to avoid them. 

The second lesson is about getting out of the water, building confidence and surfing the eFoil. In this lesson, you will experience the feeling of flying over the water! You will learn how to gain speed safely and stay in the air. Sharp, good turning and steering is also taught here.

The third and final lesson aims to improve and perfect your eFoil skills. When The eFoil clinic is over, you will receive a unique eFoil certificate. This certificate allows you to eFoil at all Flying Fish schools in the Netherlands for a reduced price. An eFoil clinic is suitable if you want to become the best in eFoiling.

Book your eFoil lesson here now!

Turn your Waydoo Flyer One into an outboard converter  — Flying Fish 19/04/2022



Did you know that you can convert your Waydoo eFoil to an outboard motor? From Waydoo Flyer One to outboard motor. With a few extra accessories, you will have an outboard motor ready in absolutely no time. How? Let us tell you right now!

Waydoo’s Outboard Motor Converter is a must-have smart accessory. It turns your eFoil into an outboard motor. What you need from the Waydoo Flyer One eFoil are the mast, the battery and the remote control.
When you buy the Outboard Motor Converter, you get the clamp, handlebar and an extra cable. These are all the tools you need to convert your Flyer One into an Outboard Motor.

Did we capture your interest? Check out this handy installation video from Flying Fish’s General manager!




What does an eFoil class at Flying Fish look like — Flying Fish  07/04/2022



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We want your first experience with an eFoil to feel magical, so how do we go about that? 

Let’s start by picking a location. We have schools all over the Netherlands. Take your pick! You can choose from Amsterdam Nieuwe Meer, Amsterdam IJburg, Utrecht, Loosdrecht, Heeg, Alkmaar or Rotterdam. One of our experienced instructors will be waiting for you there. Pick the right size wetsuit, and let’s hit the water. Your instructor will help you get to know your board and teach you the proper techniques of eFoiling. 

You can finally try and eFoil on your own. The sun is shining, and the water feels good while you try the board while laying on your stomach to get the feel of your board. The next step is your instructor explaining to you how to balance on the board and stay standing. You learn how to gain momentum and lift yourself out of the water. Once you’re standing and able to lift yourself out of the water, you learn how to make turns. By the end of your eFoil session, you may realize your legs have become sore, don’t worry. It means you were doing it right. 

After your lesson, it’s time to relax by the water and have a beer. Maybe even plan your next session?

Why should you get a Waydoo eFoil? — Flying Fish 24/03/2022



We at flying fish are proud to be part of Waydoo’s journey, bringing revolutionary eFoil technology to the masses. The team here is so enthusiastic about Waydoo’s Flyer one eFoil, and we want to talk about why you should be too. Getting your first eFoil may seem daunting, but the Flyer One won’t break the bank compared to some of our competitors. 


Our EPP model starts at €6.399,00 and is considered the perfect entry-level eFoil for anybody, but even veterans would have a great time flying over the water on this state of the art eFoil. The Flyer One EPP board is made from high-density expanded polypropylene foam.

The aluminium alloy frame is embedded inside to give the board more rigidity. It is easy to clean and maintain, and the dampening properties of the foam material reduce the risks of injuries from body-board contact.


The Waydoo Flyer One’s brother is the carbon model. It has a stunning carbon fibre design that gives it a more eye-catching and premium look. The solid carbon fibre build makes the board perfect for high-speed gliding and performing cool tricks and manoeuvres. Our premium Carbon model starts at €7.599,00 and has been designed for people ready to get serious about e-foiling.


Both models have the same internals with a battery that lasts up to 85 minutes, and a top speed of 35kph allows for long and thrilling rides. The plug-and-play design allows for fast charging (only 2 hours for a full charge), so you’re back on the water in no time. Waydoo’s custom application allows you to track your rides and see your performance on the water. Your boards’ firmware updates will be executed via a separate Waydoo application.

The boards have a modular design, so transport is super easy! The total weight is under 28 kilos, so don’t worry about being out of breath when you reach the water.


Flying Fish Foils is excited to be the head of European distribution for Waydoo eFoil boards. We have access to all the parts for your Waydoo eFoil and can guarantee quick delivery. Our sales process is quick and easy, so don’t be afraid to jump in! Flying Fish Foils offers a great after-sales service. If any problems occur with your new Waydoo eFoil we are more than happy to help you out.




The Hydroflyer – Sam 17/03/3022
Hydroflyer photo

Water sports continue to innovate, and so do efoils. The next generation of e-foils has arrived, and we are proud to announce that we are now the exclusive European distributor of the newest revolution in efoiling: The Hydroflyer!

What is the Hydroflyer?
The Hydroflyer is a fun and accessible water sports activity. It is a new and environmentally friendly way to experience flying over water. Imagine a cross between a hoverboard, a jet-ski, and a surfboard… That is precisely what the Hydroflyer is!

It produces no gas, no fumes, no wake, no sound, and no pollution. It is easy because you can hold tight on the handlebars in front. The Hydroflyer uses a Bluetooth controller attached to the handlebars to control the speed. Once the rider reaches a speed of around 3-4 knots, the Hydroflyer starts to lift out of the water. That’s when it feels like flying.

Can I learn how to control the Hydroflyer?
Do you know that feeling of flying an efoil? Now it is even easier! The Hydroflyer has created a whole new experience in efoiling, accessible to everyone. It is the perfect balance of speed, excitement, ease of use, and safety. Now everyone can enjoy the world’s latest e foil craze with ease.

What are the benefits of the Hydroflyer?
The Hydroflyer is designed for comfort, has a stabilized board design, comes with a safety wing and mast, carries handlebars for stability and has world-class engineering. The perfect innovation of the eFoil and an environmentally friendly replacement of the jet ski!

What are the technical specifications of the Hydroflyer?
The total weight of the Hydroflyer is between 29 and 35 kilograms and is fully electric. The total ride time of a Hydroflyer is 120 minutes and has a range of 40 kilometres with a top speed of 55 kilometres per hour. The Hydroflyer only takes 3 hours to recharge.

Buy the Hydroflyer now!
Are you interested in buying the Hydroflyer? Check it out on our website and send an e-mail to Let’s fly together.

An original bachelor party in Amsterdam – Flying Fish 04/03/2022



Are you looking for an original bachelor party in Amsterdam? Come eFoil at Flying Fish eFoils! We offer the newest and most popular water sports activity as an exciting bachelor party.

An original and active bachelor party

An original and active bachelor party in the Netherlands is learning how to eFoil. An eFoil is an electrically powered hydrofoil surfboard that allows you to fly over the water at up to 30 km/h. It looks like you are flying over the water. eFoiling is easier than it looks because everyone is up and running within an hour. It’s fun and accessible to learn. Guaranteed fun for everyone!

A unique activity

Efoiling is the perfect bachelor party activity because it looks cool and isn’t common. You can also combine eFoiling with a drink by the water. With a beer in hand, it will be a great day with lots of water fun.

So, do you want to organize a nice outdoor bachelor party in Amsterdam or somewhere else in the Netherlands? Organize your entire bachelor party with us. In addition to eFoiling, we offer the option of having a drink, sailing a boat, eSupping and eating on the water.

Efoiling in the Netherlands

We have Flying Fish eFoil schools throughout the Netherlands. A bachelor party at one of our locations is also possible. Just e-mail us for questions and quotes to: 

Original and active company outing in Amsterdam – Flying Fish 21/02/2022

Looking for an original and active company outing in Amsterdam? Then you’ve come to the right place at Flying Fish eFoils! We offer the newest and most popular water sports activity as an active team outing, namely eFoiling! An original and active company outing in Amsterdam is learning to eFoil. An eFoil is an electrically powered hydrofoil surfboard that allows you to fly over the water at up to 30 km/h.

Flying over the water?

Yes, it is possible for your entire team. eFoiling is easier than it looks. Everyone will be standing up within an hour. eFoiling is accessible and fun to learn. You can also learn eSupping, and we have innovative pedal boats for even more water fun.

Guaranteed fun for everyone!

Finding fun team outing ideas is always difficult. As an organizer, you want to arrange a unique outing, a team outing that will make your entire team happy and a company outing that everyone will talk about for years to come. Efoiling is the perfect activity for this because it looks cool and is not often done by others.

Do you want to organize a nice outdoor staff outing in Amsterdam? Organize your entire company outing with us. In addition to eFoiling, we offer the possibility of drinks, meetings, workshops, sailing a boat, team building activities and corporate events on the water. By letting us organize all day for your team, your list of company party activities is complete!

eFoiling in Amsterdam

The handy thing is that you can eFoil nearby at the Nieuwe Meer. We have equipped our Flying Fish eFoil school with all facilities there. It is easy to reach by public transport, car, or even by bike from the Zuidas. A company outing on location is also possible in consultation. Mail for questions and quotes to: or look here for more information about company outings. You will find the best company outings at Flying Fish eFoils!


 The best places for e-foiling in Belgium — Sam 21/02/3022

Most Belgians probably have no idea what the hell you’re talking about when you mention efoiling, but a growing number of people have begun the conversation, and interest is rising quickly.  

Social media is full of videos of efoils and similar water sport activities, and of course, Belgians want a taste!

Where can we go efoiling in Belgium? 

Honestly, nowhere? There are very few opportunities for efoiling in Belgium right now, but an abundance of awesome locations to make it happen. 

Where should efoils be introduced in Belgium? 


Ostend is one of the most famous surfing spots in Belgium. This is a big one because it has a ton of cool spots to hit the water, but also allows for people of all skill levels to join in on the fun. There are a few spots with a consistent beach break, where the waves break from left and right. 


The only spot in Belgium that offers some efoiling at a limited capacity is situated in this coastal city in the West of Flanders. This is another famous surfing spot and also a great place for beginners. The waters are calmer here and could serve as a great spot to learn to use your efoil once we get them there. 

 When will we get efoils in Belgium?

We at Flying Fish Foils are busy looking for opportunities to introduce efoiling in Belgium and other neighbouring countries. Our schools in the Netherlands have been a massive success, and interest in efoils and learning how to ride them is rising steeply. 

So, maybe soon we will see you on one of our Waydoo Flyer One’s or the Hydroflyer in Belgium. 

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Light Festival Amsterdam – Flying Fish 17/01/2022
Efoil in Amsterdam

It was a special sight last week: a luminous, floating UFO flew over the Amsterdam canals past the artworks of the Amsterdam Light Festival. It turned out to be a stunt of Flying Fish eFoils by Titus Vriend, who travelled the route on his eFoil under these cold conditions.

With temperatures below five degrees and with waterproof LED lighting taped to his eFoil, Titus braved the cold. The aim was to generate attention for the new sport of eFoiling, but also for the Amsterdam Light Festival. “Every year I am very impressed with the festival, so to see the artworks on an eFoil was special,” said Titus. The Amsterdam company Flying Fish eFoils has been the largest eFoil platform in Europe for three years now. The company name already describes it; An eFoil is an electric surfboard that comes out of the water through an innovative fin, a so-called foil. This allows you to fly over the water, as it were with the imposing artworks of the Amsterdam Light Festival, this resulted in futuristic images.

Would you like to learn how to eFoil in Amsterdam? Flying Fish eFoils offers group lessons, private lessons, team events and more. Anyone can efoilen! Experience shows that you can get up and running within half an hour. Together with our instructors, we make sure the lessons are safe and an unforgettable experience. Book a lesson through our site and who knows, you too may be flying over the canals.