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Company event, family day or other group event? This is what you are looking for!
eFoiling is perfect for an active and relaxing afternoon on the water with your colleagues. Get out on the water, learn something new and enjoy the sun and the open air. The nice thing is that there is a steep learning curve for everyone. For some it is longer pieces of foiling, for others learning how to stand is already a great goal. Fun guaranteed and it is certainly something else than bowling or laser tag.

What does an efoiling session with a group look like?

For groups larger than 6 people we offer besides eFoiling also eSUPpen. This is a new form of SUPping where you can travel longer distances on a SUPboard powered by a small motor. Because of the motor you also have the choice to do less effort. Is that what you want? Then the motor can also be turned off. Depending on the size of the group and wishes, we can adjust the duration or content. Here is an indication of how it can be filled.

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What Duration
Explanation and dividing. 15 min
Changing clothes 15 min
eFoilen and eSUPpen 60 min
Break/changing activity 30 min
Second round eFoilen and eSUPpen 60 min
Drinks and relax ?

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