Efoil stretching

How I fell in love with my eFoil

Who would have thought that I as a surfer would actually really like the sport of eFoiling? I most certainly did not. However, the feeling of flying above water on an electrical hydrofoil surfboard is truly amazing. Also, it’s super easy to learn!

eFoil business

It all started when my now business partner Jochem asked me if I wanted to help him set up his efoil business. He was going to buy efoils and needed a partner in crime. I had entrepreneurial experience, have been doing sales pretty much my whole working life and last but least love surfing and foiling. A match made in heaven? For sure! 


First time efoiling

The first time I tried a Flying Fish eFoil was at the HISWA watersport fair in Amsterdam where I was to do a demonstration to the public. I however had never tried it before so I have to admit I was a little bit nervous. But as soon as I got in the water and on the board and I hit the gas, I was surfing!

Endless surfing

Learning to surf on a regular surfboard requires years of practice and even then the sport remains super difficult and fickle and rides are short. When you’re on an eFoil however, you can keep going forever – or at least as long as your battery lasts 😉 and the feeling is similar to snowboarding through the deepest powder – or to.. flying. It really is the best feeling in the world. After feeling it the first time I just wanted more and more. And that’s when I fell in love with this beautiful new sport of eFoiling 🙂


Martijn van Hoek

Martijn van Hoek

Partner @ Flying Fish & eFoil Enthusiast

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