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Product Queries

You will need to pair the controller to the board and use the controller to control and adjust speed. While riding the board, try to focus on your body balance, and by leaning your body side to side to make turns or change direction.
Not really. Waydoo Flyer is designed for all types of users, whether beginners or professionals. The key to master the product is your body balance. Once you get it, you will create your own experience level.
A life-jacket is highly recommended especially when you’re not familiar with water sports.
25 miles per hour.
48 lbs the board only, and 77 lbs with battery.
It takes no longer than 2 hours for a full charge.
An average of 75 minutes.
When the battery runs down to 20%, the top middle LED lightning on the controller board will start flashing.
Only one, but you can buy extra separately.
5 levels.
66 inch (length) * 28 inch (width) * 39 inch (height)
One board, one battery, one foil, one mast & power assembly and one travel pack.
Efoil in waters deeper than 5 feet (1.5 meters). Avoid obstacles (seaweed, stones, etc), people, and boats. For beginners, riding in calm water is highly recommended.
You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning any item. Shipping costs are non­-refundable.
For safety concerns, we don’t suggest kids to use Waydoo eFoil. We recommend our eFoil for people from the age 16 years and older. Life jackets and helmets are suggested for beginners.
Larger people are capable of riding an eFoil, but we suggest the maximum load weight is 100 kg.
When losing balance, jump in the same direction that the board tilts to. Immediately loose trigger, and avoid being hit by the board or the foil.
It depends on your local regulation. For example, license is not needed in the United States but required in Japan. Email us at with any request.


We provide 12 months factory warranty which covers all factory defect and product instructions.
We will only cover factory defects or damage caused by defects in the materials or workmanship of the product.
Go back to your retailer and ask for maintenance or contact us at for after-sale service.