Flying Fish Hydrofoil Board

An electric Hydrofoil Board


Experience surfing on an Hydrofoil Board without needing waves or wind. A board with a hydrofoil and electric motor makes it possible to surf anywhere.


Experience breathtaking moments as you glide across the water. Feel the sensation of flying. One of the fastest-growing trends in outdoor recreation, eFoiling has redefined the future of modern water sports.

Powered by a robust propulsion system, Waydoo Flyer ONE gives you the ultimate water experience. You can ride anytime and anywhere on oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Waydoo Flyer eFoil

Efoiling is the newest hype for everyone who ever dreamt to fly above water. Flying Fish is dedicated to innovation in both technology and performance. Ride towards an incredible experience and discover the feeling of flying!

Electric Hydrofoil Board lessons

Flying Fish offer different types of lessons. At Flying Fish we offer the option of a private eFoil lesson, this can be 1 on 1 or together with a friend. We also offer group lessons and other experiences depending on local conditions and possibilities for maximum fun! 

Learning to surf on a regular surfboard requires years of practice and even then the sport remains super difficult and fickle and rides are short. When you’re on an electric HydroFoil board however, you can keep going forever – or at least as long as your battery lasts. 

Anyone can eFoil! eFoiling seems much more difficult than it is. Experience shows that almost anyone can stand up within half an hour. This means young, old, big, small, surfing experience and no surfing experience! Together with our instructors we make sure that the lessons are safe and that it is an unforgettable experience.

Hydrofoil Board at sunset

Lesson locations

To give you the best eFoil experience from your very first session, Flying Fish is partnering with watersports centres around Europe to offer eFoil lessons. In the Netherlands we have several locations Nieuwe Meer, Ijburg, Groningen etc.

Title Address Description
Nieuwe Meer
Nieuwe Meer, Amsterdam, Nederland

Amsterdam, de Nieuwe Meer

Tjotterspad 26
1081 KD Amsterdam

Boek nu

De Bloemert
De Bloemert, 9475 TG Midlaren, Nederland

Midlaren (Drenthe), de Bloemert (opening soon)

de Bloemert 1
19475TG, Midlaren

Geestmerambacht (beheerkantoor), Klaregroetweg 1, 1723 PW Noord-Scharwoude, Nederland

Alkmaar,  Geestmerambacht (opening soon)

De Zes Geerzen (Parkeerplaats)
1831GD Koedijk Alkmaar

Texel, Nederland

Coming soon!

1231 Loosdrecht, Nederland

Coming soon!

IJburg, 1087 JB Amsterdam, Nederland

Amsterdam, Ijburg 

Wim Noordhoekkade 648
1087NJ Amsterdam IJburg

Efoil Amsterdam Ijburg

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Rijnhaven, 3072 Rotterdam, Nederland

Coming soon!