It was an unusual sight last week: a glowing, floating UFO flew over the Amsterdam canals past the artworks of the Amsterdam Light Festival. It turned out to be a stunt by Flying Fish eFoils by Titus Vriend, who surfed the canal route on his eFoil in these cold conditions.

With temperatures below five degrees and with waterproof LED lights taped to his eFoil, Titus braved the cold. The goal was to generate attention for the new sport eFoiling, but also for the Amsterdam Light Festival. 

The Amsterdam-based company Flying Fish eFoils has been the largest eFoil platform in Europe for three years. The company name describes it; an eFoil is an electric surfboard that comes out of the water through an innovative fin, a so-called foil. This makes you “fly” over the water. In combination with the imposing artworks of the Amsterdam Light Festival, this resulted in futuristic images.

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