Watersports continues to innovate and so do efoils. The next generation of e-foils has arrived, and we are proud to announce that we are now the exclusive European distributor of the newest revolution in efoiling: The Hydroflyer!

What is the Hydroflyer?
The Hydroflyer is a fun and easy watersport activity. It is a new and environmentally friendly way to experience flying over water. Imagine a cross between a hoverboard, a jet-ski, and a surfboard… That is exactly what the Hydroflyer is!

It produces no gas, no fumes, no wake, no sound, and no pollution. It is easy because you can hold tight on the handlebars in front. The Hydroflyer uses a Bluetooth controller attached to the handlebars to control the speed. Once the rider reaches a speed of around 3-4 knots, the Hydroflyer starts to lift out of the water. That’s when it feels like flying.

Can I learn how to control the Hydroflyer?
Do you know that feeling of flying an efoil? Now it is even easier! The Hydroflyer has created a whole new experience in efoiling, accessible to everyone. It is the perfect balance of speed, excitement, ease of use, and safety. Now everyone can enjoy the world’s latest e foil craze with ease.

What are the benefits of the Hydroflyer?
The Hydroflyer is designed for comfort, has a stabilized board design, comes with a safety wing and mast, carries handlebars for stability and has world class engineering. The perfect innovation of the eFoil and an environmentally friendly replacement of the jetski!

What are the technical specifications of the Hydroflyer?
The total weight of the Hydroflyer is between 29 and 35 kilogram and is fully electric. The total ride time of a Hydroflyer is 120 minutes and has a range of 40 kilometer with a top speed of 55 kilometers per hour. The Hydroflyer only takes 3 hours to recharge.

Buy the Hydroflyer now!
Interested in buying the Hydroflyer? Check it out on our website and send an e-mail to info@flyingfishfoils.eu. Let’s fly together!