Foil surfing, a relatively new and exciting extreme sport, is rapidly gaining popularity among surfers. This sport takes surfers to uncharted waves and offers an unforgettable surfing experience on days that were once deemed unrideable. The board stays afloat above the ocean’s surface thanks to a hydrofoil, which creates lift in a manner similar to an airplane wing. This allows surfers to catch even the smallest waves!

An eFoil is a type of surfboard equipped with an electric propeller above the hydrofoil, which propels the board through the water. It is powered by a nearly silent electric motor and rechargeable battery and can be controlled by a handheld wireless remote that syncs with the eFoil through Bluetooth. Unlike traditional surfboards, eFoils eliminate the need for paddling or pumping with the legs to keep the board in motion.
As eFoiling continues to grow in popularity, a wide range of eFoil brands have emerged, each offering its own unique features and benefits. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the top three eFoil brands based on their prices.

1. Waydoo Flyer One Plus: The Waydoo Flyer One Plus is a high-performance electric foil that marries sleek design with state-of-the-art technology. With a powerful 6000W electric motor, the Flyer One Plus can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, offering a smooth and stable ride for both beginners and experienced eFoilers. It features a high-capacity battery that provides long ride times of 120 minutes and is constructed with a strong alloy frame covered with EPP, a soft material similar to the top of a soft top surfboard, making it user-friendly and protective. The Flyer One Plus also comes with a convenient case for easy storage and transportation and is the most affordable option among the top three eFoil brands, with a price of €6,399.00.

2. Lift Foils eFoil: The Lift Foils eFoil is a top-performing electric foil known for its high-quality components and excellent stability. The Lift 4’2 Pro is designed for more advanced eFoilers looking to take their skills to the next level. Despite excellent stabillity, the Lift Foils eFoil is easy to transport thanks to its compact design and lightweight construction. The Lift Foils eFoil is priced at €8,425.24, which is considerably higher than the Waydoo Flyer One Plus.

3. Fliteboard Pro: The Fliteboard Pro is a cutting-edge electric foil that merges high-quality materials with advanced technology to provide a top-notch riding experience. This eFoil is designed for riders who are looking to push their limits and experience the thrill of electric foil riding. With a powerful 12kw electric motor and a top speed of 48 kilometers per hour, the Fliteboard Pro is a great option for those who enjoy foiling. The Fliteboard Pro uses its own Flitebox system instead of water cooling tubes, which combines the board attachment mechanism, electronics housing, waterproofing, and cooling. This is a premium eFoil that comes at a premium price, with the new model priced at €9,995.00.

In conclusion, The eFoil market is constantly evolving, and there are numerous options available for surfers looking to try out this exciting new sport. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced eFoiler, the Waydoo Flyer One Plus is the top eFoil brands to consider, offering its own unique benefits and price.